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Coat Racks


When you commission a coat rack, you can choose the wood, the number of hooks, whether you prefer abnormal or standard antlers, and if you want silver or gold cartridge tops in between the antlers,

or just counter sunk screw holes for mounting. 

We will make it specifically to your requirements and truly unique!


When choosing your wood, hook style and quantity as well as mounting options we will discuss the length

you need to make it fit the space in your home. 

On special request, you can opt for a different type of wood than those listed. 



We also make horse shoe coat racks, and when available African horn coat racks.

Please note: We also have an array of pre-made coat racks in our store, so make sure to check there also!



          Black Walnut                                Larch                                      Hickory                                      Oak                                            Ash


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