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Antler Coat Rack

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Shop Premium Antler Coat Racks at Cervidae Designs.

It is our appreciation of beauty and the attraction of nature that make our bespoke coat racks really special. If you are looking for stunning natural hardwood coat racks, key racks, and more, welcome to Cervidae Designs. Our antler coat rack collection comes in your choice of wood, with either antler or horn, creating an aesthetic and truly unique piece for your home.

We are confident that our coat racks will fit the style of any home so please browse our coat rack collection and see the hard work and passion that we have put into making them. Whether you are looking for an antler coat rack or an oak key rack, top quality and creative skills are guaranteed at Cervidae Designs.

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Each Piece is Handcrafted, Finessed, & Brought to Life with Passion & Love.

Oak and walnut are hardwoods that make an excellent choice for coat and key racks as they are beautiful, strong, and durable compared to most softwoods . So, whether you are looking for a designer walnut coat rack or an antler coat rack, Cervidae Designs is where you will find it. Shop our exceptional selection of hardwood coat racks and place your order today.

At Cervidae Designs, we care deeply about craftsmanship and ensure that we source, design and craft only the finest pieces. We use sustainable wood, and natural antlers and horns in our work, and each piece is of the highest quality. Of course, as wood, antlers and horn are natural materials, there will be inconsistencies in them, but that’s what makes each piece unique and beautiful.

If a product is shown on our website, you can be assured that it is a flawless piece of craftsmanship, as only those items that have undergone a thorough quality assessment are listed. So, why wait? Browse our collection and find the perfect piece to complement your home.

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